Prefer to pay as you
go ?

Instead of paying a monthly recurring charge, you can buy copywriting services as needed through our content cart. It’s best for infrequent users.


An account manager will be assigned to you. You will get an email with his/her details. You can place your orders and get started.

Active requests are jobs we are working on and it includes original write-ups as well as revisions. It is to ensure that the copywriting team does not lose its focus on quality. That said, you don’t have to feel restricted. You can queue up as many tasks as you want. We will finish the active task and take the next one.

We are your dedicated design team. Feel free to reach your account manager and change the priority of tasks.

We will track the time and each hour will be accounted for. You will be able to view the tracking sheet in real-time.

You are charged for only one month at a time. There is no auto-debit month-on-month. Unless you manually renew it the next month, your subscription will be automatically cancelled after a month.

No, hours cannot be rolled-over. If you think you are going to need less than the assigned hours, you can ask for a custom package by writing to Alternatively, feel free to buy from our content cart.

We can write website content, blogs, social media captions, brochure copy and other routine marketing tasks. Our plans don’t include tasks that require detailed and scientific processes. For example, technical writing, academic writing, medical writing, brand guidelines etc. For such tasks, request a quote via

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