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Are you looking for a social media management company? Don’t look further. We have been observing and experimenting in this space for long now. We know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Social media is littered with too much content. Everyone wants to up their game by pushing more and more content. Does all of it go noticed? Hardly. Readers have learned the art of scanning and filtering. Even click-baits don’t work nowadays. So what does? Genuine content that adds value to the reader and is packaged right. We’ve provided social media services to many start-ups and SMEs.

Facebook Social Media Services

Social media services | content marketing services | Media Management CompanyFacebook is the big daddy of social media and no matter how much saturated we feel with this oldie, it rules. But Facebook is pulling down its organic reach. Only want to impress its algorithm is having a healthy engagement with your posts. And that can either be done by paid post boosts or a genuinely good content. Our Facebook content creators work on the entertainment quotient the Facebook audience appreciates. Our social media marketing services help you do a mix of organic and paid marketing to reach your goals.

Instagram Social Media Marketing Services

It is about visuals and there are many ways of going about it. Depending on the budget we can click fresh content or we can recycle existing stock images. No matter what we do, we cannot make it me-too. Each photo has to reflect the personality of the brand and do that consistently. The Instagram wall is a visual collage and our creators have to think of an overpowering theme before they create individual nuggets. Our social media services are all encompassing to include theme ideas, campaign stories, follower buildup and driving engagement.

Linkedin Social Media Specialist 

It is a professional network and it has its own rules. You cannot cross the boundaries and yet you must not shy away from experimenting with different content forms. It is a perfect platform for showing your talent and drawing hot leads. Our social media specialist will tell you that you need to work on two fronts – building your personal brand as well as your company’s imagery. As for the tone of your content, professionals are humans too and you are allowed a little humor or light copy even here. With our social media content writing services, you get the perfect mix and just the right flavor.

Twitter Social Media Services

Twitter is a different ball game altogether. It is about being spontaneous, keeping it short and saying it from your heart. You won’t see any engagement if you create content for the sake of it, only through curation. You have to show your true self, through tweets that are unique and opinionated. Yes, you are allowed to pre-plan some tweets but you cannot stop being ‘current’. Twitter is about the ‘now’. That’s where our social media content writing services come in. We help you create the new-worthy content every single day.

Youtube Content Creators 

We are publishers ourselves and we know how to build the right content. The audience expectation is growing tall and video quality plays an important role. Even if you are shooting it with your phone, you cannot upload it raw. You need to enhance it with the right edits, effects, music, voice-over, and script. If you are narrating a story, you can choose a whiteboard or 2d animations. But you need to stay consistent. With a slightly more budget, we can do 3d animations, matching the level of TV cartoon series.

Full-Stack Social Media Management Company 

Social media marketing services entail quite a few things. First is drawing up a strategy, building a persona and deciding the tone. Second is working on a theme and deciding on campaign ideas. Not all brands need to be on all platforms. We can decide which network will govern our actions. The third is the content itself. Once we have these basics in place, we draw up a promotion plan which included a mix of organic boost and paid promotion. We help you see how your online presence will shape up in the near future with a year-long plan in place. As your social media management company, we give a professionally drawn up plan. It is backed by numbers so you can be confident about how we will run it.

Social Media Services Pricing 

It is difficult to give a ballpark without knowing your networks, your goals, and your services. Depending on whether you need only content support or you need marketing and management as well, we can draw up an estimate. If you want a quick idea of social media services pricing, request for our standard rate card.

Why choose us?

Social media content writing means understanding the psyche of the audience and trying to carve a niche. We can help you, fill-in, a need gap and be relevant.

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