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Creative writing is a wide term and it ranges from one line slogans to detailed brochures. We are a full-stack creative content writing agency and you can count on us for every project that needs a brilliant copy. Let us look at some of the recent case studies

G-Drive Brochure 

Task: We were working for a leading gaming company from South East Asia. They launched global games locally. Localization was their core expertise. They were pitching to global game producers and they wanted a creative content agency to do a crisp brochure copy (design was handled by them).

Our Approach: We discussed the audience and looked through many competitor sites. Unlike other content creation companies who jump the steps, we mapped G drive’s expertise against the audience’s needs. We made sure we exposed the differentiators early on in the presentation and gave a logical flow to the entire deck. We started the brochure with an intriguing question and a wow answer to break the ice.

Our work: See our gallery at the bottom of this page. 

Video script for a travel blog

Task: We were approached by a travel influencer from the middle east. He wanted to specifically work with a content creator who was a traveler. He had been around the world and had inspired his audience to follow in his footsteps. He wanted to inspire more people to step out and explore. His single line brief was to touch upon the reality which forces people to procrastinate traveling and get them to set free.

Our Approach: As a content creator, we knew there were many approaches to this and we had to spend a lot of time researching the existing travel inspiration videos. We created a bucket list of ideas with varying beginnings and endings. We took his opinion to eliminate the ones with negative tones or feelings. For example, we eliminated an idea of ‘frog in the well’, ‘dinosaurs of the past’ etc. We stuck onto one powerful idea which compelled the audience to take action because ‘if not now, when?’

Our work: See our gallery at the bottom of this page. 

Hammock how-to leaflet 

Creative writing marketing agency |Blog writing services | India, MalaysiaTask: We were working for a start-up based in Europe. They were looking for content creation companies with previous experience. There was an outdoor adventure company that eased the lives of trekkers and campers. They wanted to do a how-to leaflet for their hammocks but they did not way the usual ‘technical specs’ and serious writing. They wanted to speak to the audience in a friendly outdoorsy tone.

Our Approach: In order to uncomplicate the writing, we had to first understand the complex terms. We spent time discussing the key features which had to be highlighted. As a creative content agency, we got into the shoes of the consumer and went step by step with the virtual set up of a hammock. Then we put our creative caps on and spoke to the readers, just as we would to a friend. We used informal slang and conversations to oversimplify the task of setting up a hammock.

Our work: See our gallery at the bottom of this page. 

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A creative writing needs to be good with words, agreed. However, just fancy words will not do the job. A content creator has to put on the marketing hat first. We are proudly one of the few content creation companies who think audience first. We may spend a lot of time getting the brief right, only to give you a hardworking output.

  • You can look through many reference samples before you commission the project
  • You get more than what you pay for. We are value for money.
  • You can hire a creative writer on the retainer basis. Replacements are forever free.

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