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An innovative blog writing idea: Writing in Series

Passion is important in blog writing and so is the strategy. To be a successful blogger or to provide skilled blog writing services, you need to imbibe new policies that will equip you with a competitive advantage over others in the field. There are numerous ways in which you can ensure unique and smart content for your blog and one of them is writing in series.


Have you ever wondered why J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter fantasy novel series rose from humble economic means to be one of the richest women in Britain or how every new movie in the Jurassic Park series became a blockbuster even if people complained of the diminishing quality of the direction every time? It was the magic created by the ‘series’ format of these novels or films. As human beings, we are designed to continue to follow what stimulates our mind. The content may be entertaining or informative or both. Once we take an interest in the subject we tend to attach a loyalty perspective to it. SEO article writing or content writing is no different and if you are a serious blogger searching for an innovating way to boost your readership, writing in a series might be your magic bullet. Here are few reasons which attempt to explain how writing in series is advantageous for you:


Helps build a constant reader base

Usually, most bloggers publish solo posts that, if well-written, are read, widely shared and then eventually forgotten. However, if you write in series and the reader finds your information useful and entertaining, then he or she might bookmark it and revisit your blog every time you post an article in that series. This equips you with a long-term reader base who takes interest in your blog writing services, products, and advertisements. Both you and the reader thus gain from this innovative style of SEO article writing.


Now, everyone is aware of your expertise

With thousands of bloggers creating content every day on a wide variety of topics, how do you manage to still steal the limelight? You can only do so if you know something special and represent it in a manner that catches the attention of your readers. If you are an expert on a topic and have an in-depth knowledge of it, writing in the series reveals your proficiency in the subject to the world. Now, readers start trusting you and depending on you to enrich their knowledge and enlighten them on the subject of your interest.


Sharing knowledge in the most effective manner

You have in-depth knowledge about a subject and you cannot wait to share it with others. However, you also know your readers are not yet ready to read a blog post that is the size of an e-book! Writing in the series is the best strategy you can welcome into your writing style under such circumstances. Short, deftly written and cleverly arranged posts in series would undoubtedly earn you a good following. The multiple, quality content posts will increase your blog’s readership as well as Search Engine presence.


Writing in series generates higher revenue

When readers visit your blog to read your series blog posts from start to end, you receive more page views for the individual posts and if your blog relies on advertising, your earnings increase.


By the end of this post, you might have already decided on the subject of your next blog post which you wish to write in series. Only remember that you must not overdo it and end up having too many blog posts in series. That will overwhelm and confuse your readers. Wisely select the topics that deserve to be written in series and those that can be written as solo blog posts. Always maintain a balance and do not try to extend an idea into multiple blog posts even when it fits into a single one.

About the Author – Dr. Oishimaya: After earning my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India, I am presently engaged in full-time freelance writing. My years of involvement in scientific research has endowed me with the capacity to write well-researched and useful articles for my readers. Writing is also my first passion and I indulge in writing on versatile subjects including scientific and medical papers, travel stories, news and issue-based reporting, content writing, etc. I also am an avid traveler and love mingling with people of eclectic cultures and participate in activities of wildlife conservation.


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