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6 Content Inspirations for the Month of October

Aha ! caught up with a content block again? It used to happen to me a lot. Imagine thinking about content ideas 24 X 7 for clients from different niches. Phew! It used to be daunting, until I found a few hacks to inspire me.

One of them is to be in sync with current news. What is everyone going to be excited about on a particular day? Go with the flow!

Don’t get it? Let me show you with some examples ( I designed them in less than 10 minutes each. Imagine what you can do when you put in your full creative might behind it).

  • October 1st: World Vegetarian Day
  • October 2nd: Non Violence Day
  • October 5th: World Smile Day
  • October 10th: International Mental Health Day
  • October 11th: International Girl Child Day
  • October 16th: International Food Day

October 1st: World Vegetarian Day

Do not and I repeat. Do not give out a message like this – Happy World Vegetarian Day. You will drown in the noise of me-toos and people will hate you for adding an unnecessary scroll to their search. You can choose your path depending on your brand’s voice or tone. I like to keep it light. So, here is my take:

World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day – Content Inspiration

October 2nd – Non Violence Day

Your brand is lucky if it can somehow link back to these days with a message very intrinsic to who you are. Otherwise it seems like a force-fit and you are all over the place. I strongly recommend that you pick the right days for your brand. You need not say a ‘Happy whatever’ everyday. For instance, this is a very relevant topic for me and I have put it very clearly here 😉

October 5 – World Smile Day

Like I said, there is no need to wish on every international something day. Like on October 5, make your readers smile. Stay true to your niche and crack them up. As a content person, my biggest inspirations are my clients and here is one straight from the heart 😉


October 10 – World Mental Health Day

In a world full of stress, there is no way that you would want to miss out on this one. Everyone can relate to it. More people can connect with a particular event, more likely it is to be shared. Now this is a serious topic and I don’t want to make fun of it. So, it is okay to change your tone on some days, in public interest. And for a change I won’t talk to my clients. I will talk to my fellow stay-at-home moms and ask them to come out of their shells. I will give them that one pill they need to stay happy.

Mental Health Day - Content Inspiration

Mental Health Day – Content Inspiration

11th October – Day of the Girl Child

There are some social causes that need attention from brands. But you need to pick a cause that is not already taken or owned by another brand. You must also select a day with less noise. You can start building awareness about a day that does not even exist, if you have the money ofcourse. Ideally, I would like to create a powerful message through a video. For now, a nice curated uplifting song that celebrates being a girl, will be perfect.

16th October – World Food Day

When you want to create content about a particular day, it is necessary to do some research about its history. This day is celebrated to honor the establishment of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The FAO site gives theme for each year and for 2018 it is #ZeroHunger. And the same site gives some shocking stats. There is enough content if you know where to look for it. Don’t create everything from scratch.

World Food Day - Content Inspiration

World Food Day – Content Inspiration

You can create these simple content blocks or do something more creative. We have a few interesting d0-it-yourself design tools listed in our blog titled – 5 easy ideas for innovative marketing collaterals.

Your Turn Now 

I only intend to inspire you. What you see here is just a quick fix. You can use them as fillers when you run out of ideas. Try doing it and let me know how it goes.

Author: Shraddha Yeolekar – Founder @ SpiderContent, an initiative to give mommies a reason to work from home while taking care of their little ones. I am a marketer by qualification and am extremely  passionate about creating hardworking content. When I am not working, I am an equally dedicated mommy, helping Reyansh make sense of the world around him. 

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