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5 Easy Design Tools for Out-of-the-Box Content

Entrepreneurs are frugal only until major revenue kicks in. After that, they splurge like it is someone else’s money at stake.

Why otherwise would you pay for something that is free? Designing in 2018 is not skill you would pay for, unless you need complex conceptualization. The market for do-it-yourself designing apps disrupted this industry way back in 2007 but the tide is getting stronger now. If you are not swept by it already, you are probably living on Neptune or beyond.

No, this is not to demean designing as a creative field. I am totally with you if you are hiring a designer for logo designing, brand identity, key visuals, packaging design and jobs that demand brainstorming, technical skills or creative thinking.

What about adaptations of your brand identity and key visuals? And that is what banner designs, social media posts, leaflets, brochures etc are. May be we can do with some jugaad here.

Let me show you what you can do in less than 15 minutes and at no or negligible cost.

Animated Introductions:

Since most meetings happen virtually, there is no chance for you to hand-over a visiting card. If you are sending cold emails, you better keep it short. Consider sending such short animations instead of long texts for a memorable first introduction. You can also upload it on social for maximum shares.

This introduction was created using Canva 2.0

Jut out promos:

We are so used to the squares and rectangles in advertising. When a unique cut out pops up, you are sure to gather some eye-balls. You can use this technique to create your very own logos too. Ofcourse, the app can’t guide you into thinking. If you are creative, there is no stopping you. What do you think of pop ups like these?

Promo Design

Created using Canva 2.0

Visual blogs:

You probably already knew this. How come the internet is stormed with beautiful statistical representations, all of a sudden? Pinterest is full of it. We have created more than 300 infographics for a client on Pinterest. If somebody was creating it from scratch, it would represent a ripple and may go unnoticed. It is a trend and is surely being mass produced.

There are specialised tools like Piktochart for infographics which provide more sophistication but I  am showing you what can be made in 15 minutes using Canva.


Created using Canva 1.0

Animated Social Posts:

Some tools provide ready-made animations that you can use to create social media posts. Imagine how clutter-breaking it would be. You can create your Facebook covers with a big background image which is a moving graphic. If you are announcing a sale, a simple red graphic won’t do. Make it move and shake up your audience. Imagine this lady actually cycling her way to fitness. It is a gif and is not viewable here. But you can get a glimpse of it here

Animated Social Media Post

Animated Post by Crello

Instagram themes:

Instagram walls are being done up in very creative ways these days but you do see a lot of similarities. If you want to stand out from those templates, you need get more experimentative with the editing styles. You can try overlays and artsy effects. You can also go retro or choose a painting style.

Overlay Social Media

Overlay Effect Created Using BeFunky

Paint Social Media

Painting Effect Created Using GoArt

Moral of the Story

When you can afford it, go ahead and use the best designer for your job. When you can’t, use some jugaad. Don’t have time for it? Never mind. Hire a jugaad content creator from my team and cut down on the learning curve.

Author: Shraddha Yeolekar – Founder @ SpiderContent, an initiative to give mommies a reason to work from home while taking care of their little ones. I am a marketer by qualification and am extremely  passionate about creating hardworking content. When I am not working, I am an equally dedicated mommy, helping Reyansh make sense of the world around him. 

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