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25 Business Writing Services for Real-time Results

Content as diverse as your audience

Audiences come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Everyone has a different experience of their world, a different perspective on life and is living their own reality every day. How do you make your brand matter to the diversified individuals that make up your target audience? Through business writing services that are customized for your end result, of course.

When you are trying to engage in social media content writing services, you are usually presented with a huge range of different types of business writing that you can pick. What you end up selecting should be dictated by where your post is going to go, the type of audience that usually visits that platform and several other factors that social media content writing services providers can brief you more about. Here are 25 different types of business writing services that are meant to bring in different results.

Content writing

The websites that appear on the first page of a Google Search result all have one thing in common: great content. Any successful online enterprise knows the value of good content. A good content writing provider can gauge your audience’s needs and come up with the perfect content plan which can feature a mix of the different types of content as listed below.


An insightful article can provide an audience with more information about a trending topic. An article’s main purpose is to provide information, convince a user about a certain viewpoint and if necessary motivate them into taking a certain action. Professional business articles can be housed on a company’s site to provide a repository of knowledge for its readers on specific industry related topics.

Blog Writing Services

A thought-provoking blog on a trending topic can help boost the search rankings of any business. By investing in a blog series, a company can provide regular information and updates to its target audience. This helps to promote a brand’s visibility online. It also is a huge factor in getting it recognized as an expert in its field. A series of blogs is a useful addition to nearly any website to help win referrals.

Website Content Writing Services

As many businesses found out the hard way, a good web design does not alone a good website make. Effective content that captures the interest of a user once they have entered your site can go a long way toward building your brand’s credibility. Inspiring web content can set you apart from your competition and win you more clicks and engagement.

Product Descriptions

Convince a choosy online shopper about why they should purchase your product over hundreds of similar products on an e-commerce site. A snappy product description is brief, to the point and makes the shopper want to buy a product. Get your customers excited about your product and increase your sales through well-written product descriptions.

SEO writing

SEO writing is a form of writing that most specifically targets search engine rankings. Search engine optimized content has been in vogue for a while now and continues to remain the top choice for online marketers. By analyzing keyword searches and building them into a content campaign, businesses have been successful in increasing the traffic to their sites and thereby get more conversions.


Need some support with business writing under your own name? A talented team of writers can give you a voice of your own for a corporate blog without taking credit for the work. You can use these as your own copyright and make it part of your blossoming brand.

Creative writing

When you want something new, engaging and fresh, you want to hire a good creative writing services provider. This kind of business content is specially meant to draw in a large audience through fun connotations. Out of the box, thinking and new concepts go hand in hand to make for a creative piece of content that will draw in readers by the hordes. Choose creative writing services for your next ad campaign or publication related services.


Product reviews and book reviews have an individualistic style and reflect on a lot of technical content. Professional writers can complete an entire review reflecting on salient points to help users understand a particular viewpoint.

Ebook writing

With more and more readers switching to digital medium to read books, ebooks are in a lot of demand. Ebooks are downloadable book formats that need to be written for a variety of topics, not necessarily for the print form.

Nonfictional writing

Business presentations and corporate literature can form part of nonfictional prose that gives more in-depth focus to a topic. It is necessary for descriptive text that may be out of the realm of normal writing for businesses.


Video scripts are necessary for good online content. A scriptwriter can put together a great script and dialogue that will get users interested in your theme.

Ad copy

Ad copy is especially creative because the slogan used needs to be memorable and grab attention. A creative writer can transform ideas into amazing taglines for use in all your ads across the Internet and beyond.


Get bios written for corporate individuals that can be featured on a company website. These bios are meant to highlight the top achievements of these individuals and bring them to life.

Educational writing

Businesses regularly churn out complicated reports that seem to have been put together by word magicians. These wizards are professional educational writing specialists who know how to frame a report, thesis, and essay so that business results are translated into actionable insights. Choose educational writing for your next research report or technical guide.

Essay writing

Essays can run into several thousands of words to describe either the outcomes of a study or thoughts on a subject. Get professional educational writers who can put together a masterpiece of an essay in less time than you thought possible.

Research report

Reports of detailed studies feature scientific terms and analysis. These need to be drawn up by writers who will take the time to understand the study or data and put it together in a beautifully descriptive story.

Technical writing

Typically written in a specific layout, technical writing is used to make guides or technical product descriptions. These are filled with technical terms so they need to be written by writers who have experience having done this sort of thing before.

Media writing

Popularise concepts through writing that appears on multiple channels. Media writing encompasses all forms of writing that appear on news and information related channels. Social media is now a growing part of online media, apart from print and other media. Choose a media writing service when you want to release important news about your company or just increase brand awareness online.

Press releases

A press release needs to feature an announcement from a company that can be sent to newspapers or other media.

Social content

Social media posts need to be able to grab eyeballs. Get experienced writers to create exciting social media posts for all topics.

Magazine articles

Magazine articles are gossip pieces or can be more descriptive. Get your audience interested in a hot new topic with the right content writing.


Feature news and announcements in newsletters that can be distributed over email or the Internet.

Marketing content

Digital marketing content can be used to bring in a specific audience to your site. This kind of content follows a specific schedule of writing by a dedicated team.

Corporate writing

Industry oriented writing is what you need when you have communications that are internally or externally focused. Most businesses cannot always have a separate department just to house writing resources, which is why there is a growing demand for business writing services. Choose corporate writing services if you need a professional company case study, whitepaper or email.


Get well laid out white papers that describe exactly what your company has achieved through a product or service.

Company communications

Corporate communications need to be able to speak to the recipients. These communications should be extremely professional and be written to specifications and business style guides.

Professional Emails

Email content should be in a specific format that draws highlight to specific portions of the email over the rest. This is a good choice for marketing emails to mailing lists.

Resumes & cover letters

Give a resume a corporate once over to make it C-suite quality. Resumes and cover letters can be drawn up by professionals to include result oriented objectives for employers to see.

Case studies

A company case study is an ideal way to showcase the way a brand handled business with a particular client. You need this to be written in a way to attract future clients to your brand.

It is unrealistic to assume that a brand can develop talent in-house from an existing pool to take on complex business writing services. That is when you need to look at a professional content writing agency to give your content that special touch. Choose an agency that can recommend the best social media content writing services for your business.

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