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Aha ! caught up with a content block again? It used to happen to me a lot. Imagine thinking about content ideas 24 X 7 for clients from different niches. Phew! It used to be daunting, until I found a few hacks to inspire me.

One of them is to be in sync with current news. What is everyone going to be excited about on a particular day? Go with the flow!

Don’t get it? Let me show you with some examples ( I designed them in less than 10 minutes each. Imagine what you can do when you put in your full creative might behind it).

  • October 1st: World Vegetarian Day
  • October 2nd: Non Violence Day
  • October 5th: World Smile Day
  • October 10th: International Mental Health Day
  • October 11th: International Girl Child Day
  • October 16th: International Food Day

October 1st: World Vegetarian Day

Do not and I repeat. Do not give out a message like this – Happy World Vegetarian Day. You will drown in the noise of me-toos and people will hate you for adding an unnecessary scroll to their search. You can choose your path depending on your brand’s voice or tone. I like to keep it light. So, here is my take:

World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day – Content Inspiration

October 2nd – Non Violence Day

Your brand is lucky if it can somehow link back to these days with a message very intrinsic to who you are. Otherwise it seems like a force-fit and you are all over the place. I strongly recommend that you pick the right days for your brand. You need not say a ‘Happy whatever’ everyday. For instance, this is a very relevant topic for me and I have put it very clearly here 😉

October 5 – World Smile Day

Like I said, there is no need to wish on every international something day. Like on October 5, make your readers smile. Stay true to your niche and crack them up. As a content person, my biggest inspirations are my clients and here is one straight from the heart 😉


October 10 – World Mental Health Day

In a world full of stress, there is no way that you would want to miss out on this one. Everyone can relate to it. More people can connect with a particular event, more likely it is to be shared. Now this is a serious topic and I don’t want to make fun of it. So, it is okay to change your tone on some days, in public interest. And for a change I won’t talk to my clients. I will talk to my fellow stay-at-home moms and ask them to come out of their shells. I will give them that one pill they need to stay happy.

Mental Health Day - Content Inspiration

Mental Health Day – Content Inspiration

11th October – Day of the Girl Child

There are some social causes that need attention from brands. But you need to pick a cause that is not already taken or owned by another brand. You must also select a day with less noise. You can start building awareness about a day that does not even exist, if you have the money ofcourse. Ideally, I would like to create a powerful message through a video. For now, a nice curated uplifting song that celebrates being a girl, will be perfect.

16th October – World Food Day

When you want to create content about a particular day, it is necessary to do some research about its history. This day is celebrated to honor the establishment of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The FAO site gives theme for each year and for 2018 it is #ZeroHunger. And the same site gives some shocking stats. There is enough content if you know where to look for it. Don’t create everything from scratch.

World Food Day - Content Inspiration

World Food Day – Content Inspiration

You can create these simple content blocks or do something more creative. We have a few interesting d0-it-yourself design tools listed in our blog titled – 5 easy ideas for innovative marketing collaterals.

Your Turn Now 

I only intend to inspire you. What you see here is just a quick fix. You can use them as fillers when you run out of ideas. Try doing it and let me know how it goes.

Author: Shraddha Yeolekar – Founder @ SpiderContent, an initiative to give mommies a reason to work from home while taking care of their little ones. I am a marketer by qualification and am extremely  passionate about creating hardworking content. When I am not working, I am an equally dedicated mommy, helping Reyansh make sense of the world around him. 

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Entrepreneurs are frugal only until major revenue kicks in. After that, they splurge like it is someone else’s money at stake.

Why otherwise would you pay for something that is free? Designing in 2018 is not skill you would pay for, unless you need complex conceptualization. The market for do-it-yourself designing apps disrupted this industry way back in 2007 but the tide is getting stronger now. If you are not swept by it already, you are probably living on Neptune or beyond.

No, this is not to demean designing as a creative field. I am totally with you if you are hiring a designer for logo designing, brand identity, key visuals, packaging design and jobs that demand brainstorming, technical skills or creative thinking.

What about adaptations of your brand identity and key visuals? And that is what banner designs, social media posts, leaflets, brochures etc are. May be we can do with some jugaad here.

Let me show you what you can do in less than 15 minutes and at no or negligible cost.

Animated Introductions:

Since most meetings happen virtually, there is no chance for you to hand-over a visiting card. If you are sending cold emails, you better keep it short. Consider sending such short animations instead of long texts for a memorable first introduction. You can also upload it on social for maximum shares.

This introduction was created using Canva 2.0

Jut out promos:

We are so used to the squares and rectangles in advertising. When a unique cut out pops up, you are sure to gather some eye-balls. You can use this technique to create your very own logos too. Ofcourse, the app can’t guide you into thinking. If you are creative, there is no stopping you. What do you think of pop ups like these?

Promo Design

Created using Canva 2.0

Visual blogs:

You probably already knew this. How come the internet is stormed with beautiful statistical representations, all of a sudden? Pinterest is full of it. We have created more than 300 infographics for a client on Pinterest. If somebody was creating it from scratch, it would represent a ripple and may go unnoticed. It is a trend and is surely being mass produced.

There are specialised tools like Piktochart for infographics which provide more sophistication but I  am showing you what can be made in 15 minutes using Canva.


Created using Canva 1.0

Animated Social Posts:

Some tools provide ready-made animations that you can use to create social media posts. Imagine how clutter-breaking it would be. You can create your Facebook covers with a big background image which is a moving graphic. If you are announcing a sale, a simple red graphic won’t do. Make it move and shake up your audience. Imagine this lady actually cycling her way to fitness. It is a gif and is not viewable here. But you can get a glimpse of it here

Animated Social Media Post

Animated Post by Crello

Instagram themes:

Instagram walls are being done up in very creative ways these days but you do see a lot of similarities. If you want to stand out from those templates, you need get more experimentative with the editing styles. You can try overlays and artsy effects. You can also go retro or choose a painting style.

Overlay Social Media

Overlay Effect Created Using BeFunky

Paint Social Media

Painting Effect Created Using GoArt

Moral of the Story

When you can afford it, go ahead and use the best designer for your job. When you can’t, use some jugaad. Don’t have time for it? Never mind. Hire a jugaad content creator from my team and cut down on the learning curve.

Author: Shraddha Yeolekar – Founder @ SpiderContent, an initiative to give mommies a reason to work from home while taking care of their little ones. I am a marketer by qualification and am extremely  passionate about creating hardworking content. When I am not working, I am an equally dedicated mommy, helping Reyansh make sense of the world around him. 

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Content as diverse as your audience

Audiences come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. Everyone has a different experience of their world, a different perspective on life and is living their own reality every day. How do you make your brand matter to the diversified individuals that make up your target audience? Through business writing services that are customized for your end result, of course.

When you are trying to engage in social media content writing services, you are usually presented with a huge range of different types of business writing that you can pick. What you end up selecting should be dictated by where your post is going to go, the type of audience that usually visits that platform and several other factors that social media content writing services providers can brief you more about. Here are 25 different types of business writing services that are meant to bring in different results.

Content writing

The websites that appear on the first page of a Google Search result all have one thing in common: great content. Any successful online enterprise knows the value of good content. A good content writing provider can gauge your audience’s needs and come up with the perfect content plan which can feature a mix of the different types of content as listed below.


An insightful article can provide an audience with more information about a trending topic. An article’s main purpose is to provide information, convince a user about a certain viewpoint and if necessary motivate them into taking a certain action. Professional business articles can be housed on a company’s site to provide a repository of knowledge for its readers on specific industry related topics.

Blog Writing Services

A thought-provoking blog on a trending topic can help boost the search rankings of any business. By investing in a blog series, a company can provide regular information and updates to its target audience. This helps to promote a brand’s visibility online. It also is a huge factor in getting it recognized as an expert in its field. A series of blogs is a useful addition to nearly any website to help win referrals.

Website Content Writing Services

As many businesses found out the hard way, a good web design does not alone a good website make. Effective content that captures the interest of a user once they have entered your site can go a long way toward building your brand’s credibility. Inspiring web content can set you apart from your competition and win you more clicks and engagement.

Product Descriptions

Convince a choosy online shopper about why they should purchase your product over hundreds of similar products on an e-commerce site. A snappy product description is brief, to the point and makes the shopper want to buy a product. Get your customers excited about your product and increase your sales through well-written product descriptions.

SEO writing

SEO writing is a form of writing that most specifically targets search engine rankings. Search engine optimized content has been in vogue for a while now and continues to remain the top choice for online marketers. By analyzing keyword searches and building them into a content campaign, businesses have been successful in increasing the traffic to their sites and thereby get more conversions.


Need some support with business writing under your own name? A talented team of writers can give you a voice of your own for a corporate blog without taking credit for the work. You can use these as your own copyright and make it part of your blossoming brand.

Creative writing

When you want something new, engaging and fresh, you want to hire a good creative writing services provider. This kind of business content is specially meant to draw in a large audience through fun connotations. Out of the box, thinking and new concepts go hand in hand to make for a creative piece of content that will draw in readers by the hordes. Choose creative writing services for your next ad campaign or publication related services.


Product reviews and book reviews have an individualistic style and reflect on a lot of technical content. Professional writers can complete an entire review reflecting on salient points to help users understand a particular viewpoint.

Ebook writing

With more and more readers switching to digital medium to read books, ebooks are in a lot of demand. Ebooks are downloadable book formats that need to be written for a variety of topics, not necessarily for the print form.

Nonfictional writing

Business presentations and corporate literature can form part of nonfictional prose that gives more in-depth focus to a topic. It is necessary for descriptive text that may be out of the realm of normal writing for businesses.


Video scripts are necessary for good online content. A scriptwriter can put together a great script and dialogue that will get users interested in your theme.

Ad copy

Ad copy is especially creative because the slogan used needs to be memorable and grab attention. A creative writer can transform ideas into amazing taglines for use in all your ads across the Internet and beyond.


Get bios written for corporate individuals that can be featured on a company website. These bios are meant to highlight the top achievements of these individuals and bring them to life.

Educational writing

Businesses regularly churn out complicated reports that seem to have been put together by word magicians. These wizards are professional educational writing specialists who know how to frame a report, thesis, and essay so that business results are translated into actionable insights. Choose educational writing for your next research report or technical guide.

Essay writing

Essays can run into several thousands of words to describe either the outcomes of a study or thoughts on a subject. Get professional educational writers who can put together a masterpiece of an essay in less time than you thought possible.

Research report

Reports of detailed studies feature scientific terms and analysis. These need to be drawn up by writers who will take the time to understand the study or data and put it together in a beautifully descriptive story.

Technical writing

Typically written in a specific layout, technical writing is used to make guides or technical product descriptions. These are filled with technical terms so they need to be written by writers who have experience having done this sort of thing before.

Media writing

Popularise concepts through writing that appears on multiple channels. Media writing encompasses all forms of writing that appear on news and information related channels. Social media is now a growing part of online media, apart from print and other media. Choose a media writing service when you want to release important news about your company or just increase brand awareness online.

Press releases

A press release needs to feature an announcement from a company that can be sent to newspapers or other media.

Social content

Social media posts need to be able to grab eyeballs. Get experienced writers to create exciting social media posts for all topics.

Magazine articles

Magazine articles are gossip pieces or can be more descriptive. Get your audience interested in a hot new topic with the right content writing.


Feature news and announcements in newsletters that can be distributed over email or the Internet.

Marketing content

Digital marketing content can be used to bring in a specific audience to your site. This kind of content follows a specific schedule of writing by a dedicated team.

Corporate writing

Industry oriented writing is what you need when you have communications that are internally or externally focused. Most businesses cannot always have a separate department just to house writing resources, which is why there is a growing demand for business writing services. Choose corporate writing services if you need a professional company case study, whitepaper or email.


Get well laid out white papers that describe exactly what your company has achieved through a product or service.

Company communications

Corporate communications need to be able to speak to the recipients. These communications should be extremely professional and be written to specifications and business style guides.

Professional Emails

Email content should be in a specific format that draws highlight to specific portions of the email over the rest. This is a good choice for marketing emails to mailing lists.

Resumes & cover letters

Give a resume a corporate once over to make it C-suite quality. Resumes and cover letters can be drawn up by professionals to include result oriented objectives for employers to see.

Case studies

A company case study is an ideal way to showcase the way a brand handled business with a particular client. You need this to be written in a way to attract future clients to your brand.

It is unrealistic to assume that a brand can develop talent in-house from an existing pool to take on complex business writing services. That is when you need to look at a professional content writing agency to give your content that special touch. Choose an agency that can recommend the best social media content writing services for your business.

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Why should best-selling authors have all the fun?

Writing for the web means that your content always has to have a ring of freshness to it. Even if it is just a summary of what you have been up to in the past week. The secret to effective writing is not rocket science. Your audience has a lot of information available to them online, so what makes your writing,  something they can look forward to each week? And how do you become the kind of writer they want to read more about?

The key to writing well has little to do with your content and has a lot to do with what you have to say.  A few smart changes in your approach and routine are all you need to get more readers. Successful authors and writers have cultivated certain habits that make their writing so delicious. We spoke to some professional content writers and authors to find out their secrets to successful content writing. How many of these habits can you work into your routine over the next couple of months?

Write about topics that matter to you

Shobhaa De is arguably one of the most interesting columnists in India. With several novels and soap scripts to her credit, it is her regular newspaper column that gathers the most interest, for its controversial choice of topics and her direct writing style. Shobhaa De believes that the secret to effective content writing is to write about what you know.

“Writers choose their turf and stick to it” – Shobhaa De

Working in the industry for so long has made you a subject matter expert in your own domain. Why not show off a bit about your knowledge on the subject? Everyone appreciates a real-world perspective. You can keep them on point by studying the reading patterns of your audience and working on them into a topic of choice. Just hone your inside voice, look deep into your past experiences and write from the heart about the topics that matter to you.

Keep an open mind

An unlikely author was born when former Bollywood actor Twinkle Khanna took up blogging. Through her witty writing, she’s gained quite the fan following. Including people who have never seen her act, which is probably for the best. In an interview with Vogue magazine, Khanna revealed that her secret to good writing is eating a lot of carbohydrates. And looking for good ideas everywhere.

“Examine things with a magnifying glass made up only of what-ifs.” – Twinkle Khanna

Getting your head out of your stuffy office is sometimes all you need to let the good ideas flow. Pick up a hobby, go for a bicycle ride, take a walk or just sit on your balcony watching the world go by. You would be surprised at the torrent of wild ideas that you can get just by letting your imagination go. As time goes by, note down your observations, no matter how stupid they may seem at first. These will prove useful in other writing you will do in the future.

Speak to your audience

Sports columnist, newspaper editor and leading columnist, Suresh Menon’s cricketing columnists are something every cricket fan looks forward to. His writing is sarcastic, features observational humor and always draws from real-world examples. The secret? Give your audience what they have come for. Menon believes in harnessing emotions in writing to make it infinitely more readable than a generic article.

“The best writers combine involvement with detachment, hard-nosed reality with romanticism.” – Suresh Menon

Just as you would do a sample profile of your target customer, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. Understand who your target readers are and think about what they would want to read about. Use examples from real life in your writing, and match it to the topic you are writing about. You will find that this realistic approach to writing gets you more readers than ever before.

Respect your audience

Ramachandra Guha is an Indian historian who has often been mired in controversy for his strong opinions. Despite his sometimes unpopular opinions, his writing is respected for its readability. Guha believes in writing complex topics in an easy to understand way without appearing to be too condescending.

“When you write … you are writing for several audiences at the same time. So how much can you spoon-feed a reader?”

Treat your readers like the adults that they are. Your audience is mature enough to be able to conduct their own research on a topic. They don’t want you to talk down to them. While you are focusing on your B2C content writing, wouldn’t you want some of that to also be reusable in your B2B writing? Adopt a knowledgeable yet friendly tone that will explain the topic to your readers while still appealing to a wider audience.

Don’t stop content writing

If you have been searching for tips on how to get better at social media writing, you’ve probably stumbled across at least one blog on the subject by Dave Kerpen. Entrepreneur, best selling author and social media guru, Dave certainly knows how to get his readers’ attention. His belief is that regular practice is what will get you there.

“The best way to get better at anything is to do it repeatedly.” – Dave Kerpen

Anyone can be a good writer with just a little bit of practice. Force yourself to blog on your company’s social media channel at least twice a week to get into practice. The more you choose to write, the more you learn about your own style and how to adapt it to what you are writing about. You might also be able to pick up on cues from analytics about which piece audiences preferred and which were a dud. This can help you improve your writing over several months.

Be a voracious reader

The founder of several successful companies and a top digital marketer, Neil Patel has his process down pat. His blog has an impressive readership of nearly 1.1 million readers every month. He writes about several topics to encourage marketers to meet their goals. For writers, his advice is to keep reading other great work all the time.

“I get a better education from studying authors’ best work than I do from waiting for a piece of advice from them.” – Neil Patel

It is understandable if you don’t have time to keep your nose in a book all the time. But without reading good content, how will you know how to shape your writing to make it equally palatable? Read the work of smart social marketers, browse through the work of popular authors, pick up your newspaper and go through the editorials. Every author’s work will have a hidden gem you can learn to improve your own writing.

Ask for constructive criticism

Singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer is bold and fantastically creative. While not conventionally thought of as a writer, she has some great advice to offer creative people who are working in isolation. In the Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer challenges people to seek feedback on their writing and ask for help.

“Asking for help with gratitude says: We have the power to help each other.” – Amanda Palmer

If you have been trying your hand at writing for a while now, don’t just rely on your traffic to tell you if your writing is good or need improvement. Don’t be afraid to ask professional content writers for help with finding out just where your writing needs improvement. By welcoming criticism on your work, you can grow as a good writer and your audience will immediately notice the improved style of your writing.

Write and rewrite

The bestselling author of Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content Ann Hadley has very clear goals for anyone trying their hand at effective writing. Her writing GPS includes a step by step process that writers can follow to create good content. The most important step is to always create a second draft.

“Shape that mess into something that your reader wants to read.” – Ann Hadley

The first draft should be your initial outpouring of thoughts on a topic. This first draft needs to be refined to check for content that is going to be of value to your audience. Strikeout sentences, shuffle them around, find new words – rewriting is not a chore. It is a valuable addition to your process as a writer.

21 days of practice?

Some of the best writers in the world started out being told their writing was crap. Today, they are respected for their work. Their only method was to constantly evolve until they succeeded in what they were trying to achieve. You, too, can find common ground with professional content writers in your quest to improve your online writing technique. If it takes 21 days to build a habit, practicing some of these writing tips starting now will certainly help you become a better writer. A Hand that inner voice a mic and throw open the doors – let your readers hear what you have to say.

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I am a big fan of do-it-yourself. Obviously when I wanted to build a site, I searched ‘free templates’ and not ‘website development companies’. This was back in 2007 when I had just left my job. I had forever worked with large brands and large budgets. Being a startup with no budget was not easy and here are the pitfalls I could not avoid.

I bought a stunning free template:

I got one from Big Picture. It looked beautiful and was love at first sight. I bought it for $15. Then I bought domain and windows hosting – www.spidercontent.in from Godaddy. Next, I found a freelancer from freelancer.com to install my template for $15 again. I was all set. Now it was time for SEO.

I changed my domain:

The SEO team’s first suggestion was to move the domain to .com if I wanted to target a global audience. So, I did it – www.spidercontentweb.com (spidercontent.com was expensive. Phew!). The SEO team wanted plenty of on-page changes and I wanted few too but I realised I could not, without help from a developer.

I got a WordPress admin panel installed:

Superb idea. Now I can make changes to my site without any developer help. But suddenly, the site turned out to be very very slow. Had to search for a developer again. Yes, getting the right freelancer is never easy. Earlier finds were not satisfactory and I had to search talent from scratch again.

I compressed site pictures:

Yes, that is what a developer suggested and I went with it. The speed was a bit better but still not the best ( I figured why a little later when I met the right guy). I had a few issues with my admin panel too. Pictures were not getting upload. The formatting turned out to be crappy at times. I got the same developer to make coding changes in the template to fix all those minor issues. Suddenly the site was no longer responsive ( mobile-friendly) and the developer kept beating around the bush.

I found the right freelancer for the job:

He spoke the truth from the moment I met him. He did not want to just bag the project. He looked at all my issues which were very minor but meant big changes in the backend. He pointed out the following issues:

a) It was a wordpress CMS on a windows hosting. He wanted me to move to Linux hosting. I refused because I had recently renewed my windows plan. He found me a faster service provider with a lesser outflow (atleast for the first year). I agreed to move from Godaddy to iPage.

b) He said the earlier template code was totally screwed up with random and knotty codes. He wanted me to change the template. I refused because I did not want to go through content development again. He found a matching free wordpress template and agreed to move existing content in the new template with no effort on my part. I agreed.

c) His final advice was to never ever make any hard code changes, unless absolutely essential. This is the reason why my earlier template was no longer responsive. The previous developer made changes in the codes, instead of using the site documentation to implement changes from the CMS. The new developer gave me a site documentation ( always ask for it). Every time I wanted to make changes, I looked up the steps in the documentation. Every template has its own rules. Eg: My site needs me to add a post and not a page for certain new additions.

d) I did not like the way the gallery appeared. The developer showed me a very useful tool called Plugins that WordPress is so famous for. Today, i search a plugin for every new site feature, before I call him to code anything.

My site is a do-it-yourself in the true sense now. Moral of the story: Find the right person for every job and cut down your learning cycle. Want to work with a freelancer like that? Let me know.

How much should a website cost?

Cost of WordPress Template 

Free to $100. However, finding the right one is absolutely essential. You need to think the features you need, right at the beginning. You need a community forum on your site? It needs to be a part of your wordpress template. Coding it later can cost you big time.

Cost of Installation

Depends on the developer really. But it does not take longer than 2 days to install and move your existing content. Moving your content is the time consuming bit. It needs to be done as per the documentation only. Look at paying $30 to $50 for sites with less than 5 pages.

Cost of Plugins

If you don’t find your perfect theme, you need to install a plugin to add any extra feature. Extra feature can be a gallery or it can be a complete e-commerce make-over with WooCommerce. I usually find a free plugin but I live with the limitations. You need to estimate paid plugin costs right at the beginning if you are a perfectionist.

Author: Shraddha Yeolekar – Founder @ SpiderContent, an initiative to give mommies a reason to work from home while taking care of their little ones. I am a marketer by qualification and am extremely  passionate about creating hardworking content. When I am not working, I am an equally dedicated mommy, helping Reyansh make sense of the world around him. 

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The salesperson at the bookstore showed me a shelf with 10000 titles for my 2-year-old. I felt exhausted at the idea of scanning so many of them to find a dozen relevant ones for my child who had the little vocabulary and only understood pictorial storytelling. ‘But that is how all 2-year-olds are and I am sure the writers and publishers only have in store what I am looking for’, I thought. No way! I was wrong. Most of the books had good content, more or less similar but not what I was looking for.

In a flash I thought about all the ‘good content’ we create for our clients. I rushed back to the office and called for an urgent meeting. Everyone thought it was yet another review meeting and I could see how everyone had come prepared with numbers in their notepads. I took a deep breath and broke the bad news,’ We need to stop writing ‘good content’. I was expecting those stares!

It is criminal to think that ‘only you can write good content’. And it is a myth that only good content can get your page rank on Google. Like us, there are hundreds of writing agencies, churning content calendars with ‘most talked about topics’. And all of them provide professional content writing service so there is no way there would falter on originality, linguistic proficiencies or any other measurable input. Why then would a busy audience stop at our article, not theirs?

We need to raise the bar! I brought up what Rank Fishkin from Moz said. You need to create 10x content! Good content is a norm. You need to go above and beyond to create content that is 10x and raises the intention of the reader to spend his time on your piece. Don’t for heaven’s sake, start writing 10x articles in length. 10x is not a measure. It is a national goal for quality that you need to chase.

Let me get back to basics. Listen to your reader. Find out what the client’s target audience is searching for. What are their questions? Do you have answers that truly come from rich industry experience and knowledge? Can you give a holistic answer better than anybody else? If no, don’t junk the internet with same content re-written with beautiful words.

‘Go back to the drawing board! Spend time researching, gaining knowledge, interviewing people who know the subject and then write a piece that is truly 10x!’ I said. They continued to stare, expectedly. You don’t get paid for research; you get paid for writing after all. I knew what they were thinking. I sighed. Old habits die hard. But I was not going to give up.

Few months down the line, a positive change swept our floors. There was no looking back. We had raised the bar!



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Passion is important in blog writing and so is the strategy. To be a successful blogger or to provide skilled blog writing services, you need to imbibe new policies that will equip you with a competitive advantage over others in the field. There are numerous ways in which you can ensure unique and smart content for your blog and one of them is writing in series.


Have you ever wondered why J.K. Rowling, the creator of the Harry Potter fantasy novel series rose from humble economic means to be one of the richest women in Britain or how every new movie in the Jurassic Park series became a blockbuster even if people complained of the diminishing quality of the direction every time? It was the magic created by the ‘series’ format of these novels or films. As human beings, we are designed to continue to follow what stimulates our mind. The content may be entertaining or informative or both. Once we take an interest in the subject we tend to attach a loyalty perspective to it. SEO article writing or content writing is no different and if you are a serious blogger searching for an innovating way to boost your readership, writing in a series might be your magic bullet. Here are few reasons which attempt to explain how writing in series is advantageous for you:


Helps build a constant reader base

Usually, most bloggers publish solo posts that, if well-written, are read, widely shared and then eventually forgotten. However, if you write in series and the reader finds your information useful and entertaining, then he or she might bookmark it and revisit your blog every time you post an article in that series. This equips you with a long-term reader base who takes interest in your blog writing services, products, and advertisements. Both you and the reader thus gain from this innovative style of SEO article writing.


Now, everyone is aware of your expertise

With thousands of bloggers creating content every day on a wide variety of topics, how do you manage to still steal the limelight? You can only do so if you know something special and represent it in a manner that catches the attention of your readers. If you are an expert on a topic and have an in-depth knowledge of it, writing in the series reveals your proficiency in the subject to the world. Now, readers start trusting you and depending on you to enrich their knowledge and enlighten them on the subject of your interest.


Sharing knowledge in the most effective manner

You have in-depth knowledge about a subject and you cannot wait to share it with others. However, you also know your readers are not yet ready to read a blog post that is the size of an e-book! Writing in the series is the best strategy you can welcome into your writing style under such circumstances. Short, deftly written and cleverly arranged posts in series would undoubtedly earn you a good following. The multiple, quality content posts will increase your blog’s readership as well as Search Engine presence.


Writing in series generates higher revenue

When readers visit your blog to read your series blog posts from start to end, you receive more page views for the individual posts and if your blog relies on advertising, your earnings increase.


By the end of this post, you might have already decided on the subject of your next blog post which you wish to write in series. Only remember that you must not overdo it and end up having too many blog posts in series. That will overwhelm and confuse your readers. Wisely select the topics that deserve to be written in series and those that can be written as solo blog posts. Always maintain a balance and do not try to extend an idea into multiple blog posts even when it fits into a single one.

About the Author – Dr. Oishimaya: After earning my Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India, I am presently engaged in full-time freelance writing. My years of involvement in scientific research has endowed me with the capacity to write well-researched and useful articles for my readers. Writing is also my first passion and I indulge in writing on versatile subjects including scientific and medical papers, travel stories, news and issue-based reporting, content writing, etc. I also am an avid traveler and love mingling with people of eclectic cultures and participate in activities of wildlife conservation.


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How many times have you taken the time to read an article on a topic that you would otherwise have found mundane? Now can you think back as to why you did that? What was it about the article that attracted you to read it, even though you have zero interest in that topic?

Was it perhaps the fact that it was funny? Made you think? Inspired you? Taking a look at the top viral posts of 2015, it’s clear that the most shared articles had an attractive combination of all of these things.

Here’s a breakdown of factors I’ve found made seemingly boring articles so very interesting enough to read:

Give a boring topic an interesting title:

Politics is a dry topic, as dry as it can get unless you have a politician putting their foot in their mouth about something. But this article from Mashable.com titled ‘The UK political map now looks a lot like Maggie Simpson’ got a surprising near 30,000 shares on social media service. It’s probably because everyone loves the Simpsons and the curiosity about how a political spread looked like a Simpson was too much for readers to bear and they just had to hop on over to take a look. Smart move, eh?

Be funny:

There’s a reason Andy Borowitz is one of the most read columnists on the NYTimes, even if his articles are more satire pieces. His article on ‘Scientists: Earth Endangered by New Strain of Fact-Resistant Humans’ was shared 1.4million times on social media platforms. Anyone following Andy’s Facebook page knows that he keeps posting politically satirical posts, but even if a person hasn’t read these status updates, this one article is likely to keep them coming back to the Borowitz Report to look for more humorous pieces. The world’s a tough place. Keeping your readers smiling is going to keep them wanting to keep coming back to you.

Be inspiring:

You know those tearjerker articles that somehow reach deep inside and grip your heart in a vice-like hold that you feel a silent tear slip out when you’re through with it? And you find that you were reading about something as silly as addiction, which probably doesn’t even have anything to do with you. But it struck a chord in you somewhere that made you want to read and then share it, just like this Huffington Post article that got 2million shares: ‘The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think’.

In the end, as a web content writer, you can turn the most yawn-inducing topics into ones that can inspire people, make them giggle and read it to the very end. All you need to do to improve your content writing services is to pay attention to your writing style and present in a way that will make it attractive to your readers, and you are on your way!


About Author: Priya is a part-time blogger and full-time corporate slave. She enjoys ranting on social media about a variety of topics and discovering new things to get excited about.

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